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2015Charm Swap ・ Moon Surface


Hello!today,I'll try to write in English for
my student Chad and his non-Japanese speaker friends.
Unfortunately, I'm not good at English.
So,If you found any mistake in this article,
please let me know.

Moon Surface

Moon Surface
author : Chad
Lucky person who got this piece : Nobuyuki

This is a piece that was exhibited in 2015 Charm-swap.
If you need more information of Charm-swap,
please see this page.

This work has a texture such as "Moon Surface" itself.
Exactly, as shown title.
Because it is hollow in shape as bonding two shallow bowl
And lighter than it looks.
If there is a thickness of about 1mm each front and back of parts
This shape can be produced without a core.
However, since he is the first time to make a hollow work
It is better in accordance with the basic steps.
So to make the core with a cork clay and covered with silver clay.

Rugged texture of the surface, are making paste the dust of clay.
These trash is the shaving which has gone out by production
in the past and the clay which dried. (Very useful trash!)

Although it looks ish enough month alone this texture
The color of the deep nuances reminiscent of the space.

Then, the three silver lines and pale amethyst-colored stone
It has become modestly accent.

Moon Surface

Back it's a simple finish as unfriendly.
However, strange as this is reminiscent of the moon with this.
You can reversible use in your favorite.

Chad's design policy is "wild, masculine"
In lottery, Nobuyuki has received this piece Luckily.
This work looks pretty masculine, even if used as choker.
I'm looking forward to how Nobuyuki to arrange for any accessories.

Moon Surface(Chad→伸行)
Pedra sobre pedra(Massayo→Rika-C)
Pedra sobre pedra(Massayo→Rika-C:português)
one sheep leaps(Rika-C→Chad)